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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Incoming MOSAIC.WAV announcement on MOMOI's モコモコ show?

独占!モコモコ 60分』 is another example of MOMOI Haruko's internet omnipresence. But unlike her 2009 radio show (はいはい、ラジオラジオ), this live NicoNico video broadcast has her wearing all kinds of cute costumes and hosting a bunch of cool people, such as this pervy Gaijin Santa (aka Patrick from Make sure to check out an x-mas version of her hit song "Wonder Momo-i" with the Clausmeister ヲタ芸ing it up hardcore in the back.

This week, MOSAIC.WAV will be her guests of honor, which is great news in itself. At the very least, we'll probably see an impromptu keytar duel between Kayapi and Haruko. But if this blog entry holds true, then they are set to announce a new project! Most likely, Momoi will formally announce her upcoming Remix CD, since amazon and cdjapan already have that info. But perhaps she will renew her Under17 collaboration with MOSAIC.WAV? There's a brief mention of the Animelo 2008 session on the official Akihabalove channel. Who knows? We all will... in a day's time.

By the way, there's an upcoming KOTOKO & MOMOI concert on May 3rd 2010 (in Shibuya). As good a time as any for I've Sound to launch SHORT CIRCUIT 3!


電波の世界 said...

Since I will most likely miss the live event, I'd really appreciate if somebody could rip the live feed and post it to Youtube.

mandichan said...

Don't worry, all of Momoi's live shows have been posted to Nico after the fact, you just might have to wait a day or two!

It's hard to believe the Pencil Live with be Momoi & KOTOKO's first time on the same stage! Hope there will be some kind of duet, but not like it's gonna be on DVD anyway...

電波の世界 said...

Alright cool, thanks for the extra info BTW. Post updated.

Hetare Kaiser said...

It's not just Momoi wearing the cute outfits.