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Sunday, September 14, 2008

「迷惑メーリングGIRL」 gets release date, bonus postcard

MOSAIC.WAV love you long time when you purchase their records, that's why they keep showering their (Japanese) customers with bonus items. While not nearly as awesome as the bonus 特典CD that came with the previous single (February 2008's 「ラストバトル! アキバトラー''μ''」) SPAM Mailing Girl will include an autographed postcard for fans to treasure. But if you're a cheap bastard like me, you can just click on the previous image for a bigger version. Besides I've yet to find any domestic online retailer that has it for preorder. The 7th single hits stores on September 19, 2008, but you can check out a preview of the title track on Sham Studio's website.


BLT★89 said...

I want that....! It would be great if they made an artbook with all their characters, SpamMailingGirl is so cute :3

Fang-tan said...

I agree. An artbook would be cute. Now THAT would be a great bonus item.

電波の世界 said...

Hey fang-tan glad to have you on board. Come back tomorrow PM for you-know-what.

Anonymous said...

Do you know of a domestic retailer that sells any non-Anime OST CDs of theirs?

電波の世界 said...

They're not domestic per se, but CD Japan are your best option at this point:

The shipping fee isn't too horrible and they charge the same rate for both USA and Canada. I haven't ordered since I moved so I don't know if you guys get taxed down here, but in Canada anything that comes from Asia can randomly get slapped with a hefty 15$+ import tax. I stopped ordering from play-asia because of that...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but I'm really looking for their albums Space Akiba Pop, and Future-fiction.

I didn't notice before that they had Akibattler, though. Since no rips ever showed up, I might as well pick it up.

電波の世界 said...

Might I recommend the Uju CD if you don't have that already. 2 of their best songs by far. Personally I'm waiting until late October to see if they're gonna stock the new Uju CD before ordering anything.