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Friday, September 19, 2008

「迷惑メーリングGIRL」 English video, webcast, interviews!

Today marks the release of MOSAIC.WAV's 6th single! I have an abundance of information for you folks, but let's start with the exclusive stuff. As I did in celebration of their past single, I have translated the short version of their new single song and put it up on Youtube for all to enjoy!

I'd have to thank 沙織さん and 舞妓さん who gracefully helped me translate the lyrics despite some embarrassing moments (namely that last line of the chorus). I think I'll do more of these in the future, they're an incredibly fun way to hone my Japanese skills (at the expense of my engineering studies). So it's probably not the best translation out there, but it's pretty close according to them. But you know what the best part is? mi~ko loves it!! She says it's accurate and seems genuinely excited about my efforts to promote MOSAIC.WAV outside of Japan... sweet, sweet gratification.

In related news, MOSAIC.WAV are going to do a web radio event (not sure when, I'll keep you posted) where they'll answer their fan's questions. People sure came up with interesting questions, including some odd BL ones. But I'm a bit disappointed to see that they are also asking questions which were already answered on my own interview, such as Kayamori's musical influences and mi~ko's gaming habits. More than 50% of this blog's traffic comes straight from Japan, and the most popular article is by far the [original Japanese language] interview. This just goes to show that much work remains in unifying the fanbase on an international level.

Two high-profile websites (Getchu and Dengeki... both NSFW) have posted their own MOSAIC.WAV interviews, which mostly revolve around the new single and the idea behind SPAM mailing girl. They're a bit on the dry side and don't reveal anything we didn't already know. The best part is actually when Kayamori explains that this year marks SPAM's 30th anniversary; that guy sure has extensive knowledge about a bunch of useless stuff, much like myself! I did a bit of research to see if he was right (no offense Kayapi-san) and landed on this page which features said first-ever SPAM along with a stunningly insightful email from Richard Stallman in which he predicted (30 years ago!) that the internet would one day be used as a dating tool. The irony is that this guy is still single to this day! True computer nerds, I salute you...

Both of the websites are giving away autographed copies of the new single. I didn't see any Japan-only clause, so I signed up for shit and giggles... who knows? Go ahead and do the same, tell'em 電波の世界 sent ya.

Picture from (that's their studio BTW)


Anonymous said...

Wow great article, great translation, and I'm super impressed that you interviewed them. I hope that I can be a quarter of the fan that you are...

Anonymous said...

ahhh,i can found the blog about Mosaic.wav at last,imo,i really like this single,especailly track3--"digital radical syndrome" i just can't stop listen to them lol