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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MOSAIC.WAV's 6th single 「超妻賢母宣言」 and more!

Some huge news from the MOSAIC.WAV camp today! First of all, it was officially announced that the sixth single would hit stores... tomorrow! That's April 23rd if you can't be bothered to do the math. It features the opening theme of 「狂乱家族日記」 (roughly Frenzy Family Diary), a new anime series from Enterbrain which started airing this month. To sweeten the deal, the band and the anime studio are holding a conference event on May 2nd 2008 at Akihabara's UDX. Contents of the event include a talk show, radio recording and a live. My guess is that MOSAIC.WAV will perform the OP. Note that the event is free and that anyone in attendance deserve to be called "lucky bastards" by me. Yeah, that's a bonus you get. If the anime is anything like the theme song, then this could be one for the ages. It's probably out there and subbed, but I haven't had time for anime lately (make that the past 4 months). I am also looking forward to hearing the B-side, 「ねるがよい」 because as we all know, MOSAIC.WAV don't F around with B-sides.

Speaking of the F-word, another thing at which they excel proficiently is eroge theme songs. The most recent hit in their young career comes in the form of an OP for 「リリカルDS」 (Lyrical Dramatic Stories, nothing to do with the Nintendo money-printing device) This is a visual novel/erotic game that will hit Japanese PCs on June 27 2008 (May 30th for the Premium edition) While I just linked to the youtube video, the OP is also available in lo and hi-fi flavours. Obviously the Marmalade site is very NSFW (pr0n or not, that pink background would be suspicious either way) but otherwise, head to the download section and pick up the demo file (theater does not feature the OP) Now while the song won't make my top 5, the animation is extremely well made, and tha'ts just from watching the lo-fi version. The video itself doesn't contain b00bs or anything like that, so go ahead, grab it and show it to your mom.

Third big news, as you could guess from the previous picture, is that full information concerning the 2nd live has been revealed. The process of obtaining a ticket looks particularly energy-draining, but their management has gone to great lengths to detail the whole procedure. I quickly googled "Club Citta" and it does indeed sound like the rather large hall they promised their fans, with a standing capacity of 1300. This can only mean one thing in my mind: MOSAIC.WAV RAIBU DVD. You read it here first!

And get ready for some real exclusive content... not just hopeful wishing...


電波の世界 said...

On a completely unrelated note, I'm taking part in an Burrito eating contest tomorrow in Ciudad Juárez (hometown of said Burrito). If I don't make it out alive, someone out there needs to keep the denpa flame alive!!


How did that contest go? Did you win?

naddie said...

Does this mean someone else needs to carry the torch now? :P