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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

M3 2014 Autumn Guide / M3 2014秋 電波ソング・萌えソングショッピングガイド

M3 2014 秋 (Autumn )

It's that time again! Here's part one of our feature on the upcoming M3 event. Descriptions are brief this time around due to lack of time!

I'm gonna try to update the info on this entry when the pages are updated, as well as make a new entry if any new releases are announced, but I'm pretty busy lately so I can't make any promises! When in doubt, check our twitter account!

Thanks as always to Clix!

Fans of chiptune and game music will also wanna check out Chipunion's M3 feature!


Last update: 
2014/10/24 23:55: Added ホイップクリームパフェ and MAGICAL MUSHROOM HOUSE 
2014/10/24 20:10: Added VerAll sample and 秘密結社はみはみ
2014/10/23 19:20: Added Rameru crossfade and Journey of Dawn


え-13a うさみみりぼん

雨音 and きゃらめる return for their second super sweet release together.

Maple Sugar

え-13a うさみみりぼん

きゃらめる of うさみみりぼん and 野々宮めぷ team up as the unit "Maple Sugar". Those lucky enough to have attended the twinkle sister live have already had a chance to purchase this CD, but for the rest of you, get it at M3! As someone who's already listened to this and is fully addicted, highly recommended!

さとうみるく1st single「Sugar×Labyrinth」


SUPER CUTE! What else to say? Get this one! Milk of twinkle fame's first solo single!

Gー18a しなもんしゅがー☆

"Soft denpa" circle Cinnamon Sugar is back with a sweet CD about chocolate.
And, maybe you can also pick up "ミクたんとルカたんに歌ってもらたん。", a Vocaloid CD released by Cinnamon Sugar in June.


う-20a SJV-SC

This CD of  gijinka characters based on the days of the week didn't make it in time for Comike, so here it is finally at M3. 木下いちご leads the project and plays the role of Monday.


え-16a おでぃん・パイソン

OdiakeS and ひろて~ team up for the sequel to the previous Pyton-chan release. ほたる returns as ぴとんちゃん and 木下いちご debuts as らとるちゃん.


え16a おでんぱ☆スタジオ

It was previously announced that ほたる of おでんぱ☆スタジオ would have a solo release of 「ときめきほたるたん」 at M3, but sadly it has been postponed. In the meantime, a limited quantity of demo CDs of this one track will be available.


え16a おでんぱ☆スタジオ

Two tracks full Odenpa Studio's usual unique sense of humor.

え10b twinkle

I think my heart may die from track 3..... Very cute and great as always.

crime berry 07 -abysm-

え22a らずべりー

Some cute and lovely tracks, 4 of 5(?) tracks samples available now!
Update! Full crossfade available.



magical flavor

え21a みるきーぴんく

「魔法少女ひなのゆんゆん」 presents her first mini album at M3! According to her blog it features the tracks 「Pinkys☆Magic」,「きらめき ぱーてぃー」!,「ゆんゆんナイトはマジカルナイトじゃなきゃないと☆」,「ひなゆん音頭」 and a drama track (tracks? and possibily other tracks). The samples on soundcloud sound very promising!



MOSAIC.WAV presents the results of their 2nd "hackathon" styled event where they create a song with a live audience. The track they created is called 「翼はいいから時間をください」.

They're also offering a new stainless steel version of one of their guitar pics for 1000 yen.


い02b uwanosora

A wide variety of artists with different styles take on the traditional denpa theme of 'panties' in this compilation album.

すいーとめろでぃ -甘音ver- / あまおと☆ふぁるせっと


小宮真央 and 和鳴るせ perform as 「あまおと☆ふぁるせっと」 on this sweet & romantic CD with voice acting & singing.

2C Labo!!~2色の電波で××作成ちゅー!~

え26a お電波☆Labo
500円 (600円 with pin)

まめ乃 and こりすもも send us 4 nice tracks.

電波 de 若大将

お28b 33.turbo

Another M3 means another cute release from 33.turbo!


か14ab Zero-Shaft

Promising release from Zero-Shaft with their usual top quality singers and musicians. As the title suggests, it has a rock sound!
ケ-08a 第二生徒会室

Includes over 500 voice samples from ちょこ of twinkle for this CD, which sound awesome set to music as you can hear in the crossfade!

か-19b ポヤッチオ 

ポヤッチオ and ちぃむdmp☆ team up to bring you 3 songs and 1 drama track. かたほとり, ななひら, and まろん provide chorus vocals on track 2!

か-19ab Confetto

U-ske, かめりあ, かたほとり, and more present this cute and (relatively) calm ななひら release.

Rameru&Records Booster Q11.12

Update 10/23 19:15: Crossfade is here!

Rameru tells us to expect 6~7 new songs on this "single"! Also she'll have a new t-shirt on sale too for 2500円!

Added 10/23 19:20

Journey of dawn

え-17b 黎明紀行

小宮真央 and more with 5 tracks. Track 2 sang by もちこまめ is particularly nice.

Added 10/24 20:10


D-12b 秘密結社はみはみ

New: Added 10/25 23:40


お03b Poly Pro Pylene

First album of れいな, who amazingly did all lyrics, composition, arrangement, vocals, art, design, and photos herself! Includes a 20 page illustrated booklet. Check out track 7!

New: Added 10/25 23:40


コ-33a 香花すうとピンキーロケッツ

Self described kyun kyun denpa rock band "Swu Hashidoi & Pinky Rockets" new release!

コ12a Mental Break -メンタル・ブレイク-

This "Creative Voiceactor's Team" offers up a fun free CD they describe as a denpa song.

Updated 10/24 20:10

ケ07a VerAll

One new song! Price is still a mystery but check the sample!

Still awaiting info:

Will try to update when the info comes! In the mean time, keep your eyes on these links.

ケ-14a I☆Cherry

Little info so far from this great Korean circle, except for the promise of an awesome line up: 
ひろて~, 遥風啓司 and vocals from ななひら, NANA、kana, and 豚田ひかり.
お-35a あじゅ川さん家

星野あず's first single promises to be denpa, pop, cute, and also calm. Looking forward to hearing some samples!

Low denpa or somewhat off-topic related releases:

Denpa is in the ear of the beholder, so here are some stuff that may not be super denpa-ish, but would somehow interest our readers.
ケ-08a 第二生徒会室

In an unexpected move, ひろて~ of おでんぱ☆スタジオ and たんあー of 第二生徒会室 will provide the vocals on this mystery CD. By the looks of things, I'm guessing this is a more 'cool' release than a denpa one!?!
1500円 (Includes CD + bonus)

Denpa-ness is low, but D.watt and others bring you this CD from their crowdfunded project.

A-02a, A-02b Alternative ending / Shiganai Records 

A book as part of miko's popular cooking series. No audio stuff included but fans of miko will want to take a look.

Haunted Party Orchestra

B-10b Mamyukka

Denpa fans should check track 4.

Master System

お-25b Dessert Logic LAB

コ-02b Studio 10 Colors

Vocals include こりすもも and 木下いちご.


(At the time of writing this article, feature page linked in the video description isn't updated yet)
お-22a Wisteria Magic

Unlike the previous "Marina Versus" series, this time is a seemingly serious drama CD with at least one song also included.

Lilium Records M-03ab

You can't hear much of it in the preview, but ななひら is featured in the last track!


え30a Trial & Error



Not denpa, but a heads up for SEGA fans and hardcore fans....! I drew the cover of the Megadrive version, but all versions of their own neat covers, pick your favorite! Available outside Japan too!

Friday, August 15, 2014

[C86] ComicMarket 86 Coverage Part 5

Ok, yet another update, MAYBE this is the last one! I (technically) made it in time with at least some of the Touhou stuff! Full C86 coverage here!

Kikuo Sound Works - 略してきくおミク0

2014/08/17 (Sun) 東"シ"80a
1000 Yen

きくお presents a massive collection of tracks he made in the 7 years before he began making Vocaloid music. A whopping 28 tracks, 3 of which feature 白石なごむ! Get in touch with your roots with this release!


2014/08/17 (Sun) 東ル-40a
1000 Yen

 木下いちご lends her cute voice to this cool CD!

東方女子流 - 東方ガールズレジェンド

2014/08/16 (Sat) シ26a
1000 Yen

A nice line up of Touhou stars! あゆ, あまね, and はる*あま*にゃ provide lyrics, an arrangement from D.watt, and some lyrics from ビートまりお!

Color&Color+ - 虹色キャンバス

2014/08/16(Sat) シ-26b

A touhou arrange CD with a colorful line up, including 桃箱 and ななひら among the ranks!

天然ジェミニ - 東方Side Story

2014/08/16(Sat)  東ヒ-46a
1000 Yen

D.watt and the rest of the gang return for the latest 天然ジェミニ Touhou arrange CD.

みこぺろ - Couverture

2014/08/17(Sun) 東 ヨ 45a
1000 Yen

ちえP's best of album includes 2 whole disks of a lot of lovely Vocaloid tracks, and a re-recording of a previously released ななひら track too! They will also sell a small number of copies of  "little birds flying over the stars", which is also available on bandcamp!

Innocent Key - いのたま

2014/08/16(Sat) シ-23a  魂音泉, シ-23b Innocent Key
1000 Yen

More Innocent Key means more ココ!

Dessert Logic LAB

2014/08/17(Sun) 東リ56b

A new member, 結月ゆかり, has joined Desesrt Logic LAB, and to celebrate, they're releasing a free CD with her singing one of their previous songs. Listen here!

めろめろんブックス - HOME 萌えっ娘だらけの水泳大会

2014/08/17(Sun) 東H-48b (HNU(ハニュー))

Under the pen name "あまつかゆうゆ", Akiba-kei "Little sister" idol 桜川ひめこ is releasing her own doujinshi! Himeme is taking care of the story, while the art is brought to you by 風上旬, known for his art for Melonbooks. (Thus the circle name, Meromeron Books!)

MilkyHoneyMoon - にゃんこのきもち

2014/08/17(Sun) 東リ-08b

真優, who you may know from her many collaborations with のみこ, is releasing this cute new CD at C86. Though there's only 2 tracks in the preview, there will be 4 tracks on the CD, though that could be including instrumental versions. And did you know her previous releases are available on itunes for those fans around the world?  (By the way, you can probably find her collaboration CDs with のみこ at her table too!)

C-CLAYS - 番ヒノ翼

2014/08/16(Sat) 東シ-20a

Denpa fans check out track 3 of this KanColle CD!

Halozy - TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.3

2014/08/16(Sat)  シ-25ab (DiGITAL WiNG)
 1000 Yen

3rd in the series, featuring the lovely ななひら on track 3! Track 8 featuring nachi is also quite cute!


2014/08/16(Sat)  シ-25ab (DiGITAL WiNG)

Another Touhou arrange album featuring a track with ななひら! It's as simple as that!

556ミリメートル - invincible - perfect beautiful girls

2014/08/16(Sat)  ヒ-48b
1000 Yen

You thought I was done with Touhou CDs with a single ななひら track? Well, you were kind of right!! This one has TWO ななひら tracks! Gotcha!

COOL&CREATE - ラララライブドリーマー

2014/08/17(Sun) 東シ-88a
1000 Yen

Another fun and wild release from C&C! ARM contributes too!

[C86] ComicMarket 86 Coverage Part 4

MAYBE (maybe) the final blog update before Sunday! I will keep posting any other small updates to our twitter! (You can also see some CDs that were nice, but not "denpa" enough to make the cut to be featured on an entry on the site at our twitter.) Hope to see you there! Don't forget to check out the rest of our coverage!

ねこじゃが* - B√モア

2014/08/17(Sun) 東 ル 15b
1000 Yen

Nekojaga's 2nd album was supposed to be released at the last M3.. Fans lined up until the very last minute (literally) hoping that one of the circle members would bring the CD in time to sell even a few copies, but in the end, they didn't make it in time and not a single CD was sold. So now, here's your chance, assuming nothing goes wrong this time!

おんがくのじかんっ! - ぷりんあらもーど

2014/08/17(Sun) リ-10b
500 Yen

Ongaku no Jikan! is serving up a drama CD this time, with one song. No samples of the song, but you can hear some samples of the cute voice work of some familiar ladies on the site.


PICO+ - 初恋♡L.C.M.

2014/08/17(Sun) ル-26a
500 Yen

The first release for the new unit "PICO+" is quite promising! The member line up is まめこ, なっちゃん, はるく, and ふずき. Especially track 6 is sounding awesome!

OVERSPHERE - 曜女~曜日を擬人化したらこうなった~

2014/08/17(Sun) 東ル40a
1000 Yen

NOTE: Due to the CDs not arriving from the manufacturer in time, this CD won't be released at C86 after all. Instead it will be released at M3 autumn or C87.

A lovely line up of vocalists and composers on this "days of the week gijinka" themed release. Denpa song regular 木下いちご joins Nimo, ぷちぇも, 笑兵衛, 柘紅実, こりすもも, なゆの, and 屋久谷拓哉, plus compositions and arrangements by OdiakeS. Crossfade is here!

BLENHEIM - ヒステリックシンデレラ

2014/08/17(Sun) 東レ23a

a.k.a.dRESS's personal circle returns with a new release. 3 new tracks, 2 of which are vocal, plus instrumental versions of those vocals. One track has vocals from 佐倉紗織. while the other is provided by good ol 初音ミク.

VerAll - まじかる☆がーる

2014/08/17(Sun) 東2-P20a (studio zero)
800 Yen

That first track!! That first track!!

くるる幼稚園  - きゅ

2014/08/17(Sun) 東ロ08b
1000 Yen

Positively cute release from niconama broadcaster くるる!! Quick, listen to the crossfade!!

小宮真央 - recollection

2014/08/17(Sun) 西う-27b (ECCESS)
1000 Yen

Classic denpa song singer 小宮真央 provides vocals on this game vocal song collection. Not very denpa overall, but check out the last track!

PacoProject - ぱこぷろのうたVol.1

2014/08/17(Sun) 西か-26b (Also available at モ-56a(音メイド) and ね-17b(櫻羽女学院演劇部))

Vocal song collection for the wacky PacaPlus series, where your girlfriend is transformed into an alpaca. (And apparently there's a capybara somewhere in one of the games too!) By the way, if you didn't know, Sekai Project is releasing the game in English on Steam too! (In the meantime, and English version from the circle themselves is available on DLsite too, but supposedly the translation isn't so great, so you may want to wait for the Steam release.)

C.H.S - 異聞伝承アラカルト

2014/08/17(Sun) 東シ-76b
1000 yen

t+pazolite brings us another awesome release, and denpa fans can rejoice as リズナ is featured somewhat also! (C.H.S. has another release, Raise Blaze in Fiction, featuring かめりあ and more too!)

MOSAIC.WAV - ローレグエンジェル夏到来!

2014/08/15(Fri)  西2あ-15a (柏木商店)
1500 Yen

What's the point of me writing this now?? Friday is already over!! I had thought it was in the commercial area... Nooo....


2014/08/15(Fri) ~ 2014/08/17(Sun)西4F企業ブース No.512 Russell
1300 Yen

For all otaku bike riders out there, here's some tunes to listen to while you ride on your trusty ita-chari. Some nice vocals by Kayapi too!

Some bonuses and goods this time too: For buying the first edition of MUSIC FOR RIDING!, you get a CD with some alternate lyrics versions of the tracks. (Not sure of the availability of this outside of C86, but it's safe to say you'll at least get it if you buy the CD at C86.)

They are also offering an event-only MOSAIC.WAV guitar pick! Only available as a set of 4 characters for 2000 yen. AND if you buy the CD and the guitar pick, you get these bike LED reflectors (also usable as keychains) which are drawn by み~こ herself!

Studio 10colors - 10colors songs

2014/08/15(Fri) い-27b

木下いちご and others team up for this unofficial 放課後アトリエといろ image song collection. Yet another release that was out on Friday and I didn't write about it in time! I'm sorry!!

Finally, a technically non Comike release...

まじかるノワるん☆です×3っ! (Single Edit.) / everyday magic

Tora no Ana stores / mail order only
463 Yen
2014/08/17 Limited to 111 copies (Sold out)

Denpa master vocalist ななひら and denpa master composer ARM team up for this CD released on the 3rd day of C86, but you can't get it there! And it's sold out on Tora no Ana's site too! At least the "Single Edit." in the title implies that an album or other kind of version will be released later....